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Construction is Engineering firm with the correct knowledge


We will explain carefully about concrete work and sash construction which is usually hard to understand for normal people


Persons who have questions about the retreat cost of the apartment, please call us. Because the share of real estate agent is included within the price of contractor so it will always be cheaper.


Persons who have questions about building, mansion or parking lot management costs, please call us. Because the share of management company is included within riding in the price of the contractor so it will always be cheaper.


You do not need to provide sweets or tea during construction


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Building construction, Civil works, Machinery and equipment installation work, Planning of whole construction work, Measurement, Design, Supervision, Construction, Engineering, Management, Consulting


We are reducing the advertising costs and provide full service at a reasonable price



Crack came into the outer wall, outer wall has been warped. Before troubles like water get in your important house, we think that it should be to painted by reliable workers


The shoddy irresponsible construction has been spread and reported in the TV news such as “When I am not watching, the painting workers may do shoddy construction. What should I do if they use diluted paint.” Therefore we think that you should be careful when asking the constructer for the first time.



So you think that the big constructers are safe but they will ask very high price for outer wall painting. Besides, there are many two forces salesman who cannot sell the new construction and have no way but also taking charge of the reform department, therefore they cannot answer fully correct if being asked a little bit difficult question.



It will be really troublesome if the house that you trying hard to get by loan is ruined by shoddy construction. It is also dreadful if you left your house to the constructors without knowledge then the construction on contract and the actual is completely different.



Long time ago, our representative have received the work of construction by bicycling around the home and asking for work. We don’t spend much for advertising expenses. Because the small constructors can’t win at the advertising competition with the big suppliers, so we reduced that amount for the customer.


We don’t want customers to waste money for the cost of advertising; we instead devote it for the improvement of quality. There has been negative thinking about only cheap companies, which has bad service, late delivery. But our company is not that kind of “As long as cheap, no matter how service is”. We try to provide full service with reasonable price.


The number of houses I am in charge of construction is more than 200 cases at Yokohama Fujisawa Chigasaki.


Let's look at the wall of your house first


Let's look at the wall of yours house first. Wall of types can be broadly divided into siding and mortar. The mortar is such material painted with white soil then dried. The siding is the wall crawling several pieces of cement.


About purpose of repainting period.


Degradation situation is depending on the surrounding environment (near the sea, strong wind, sunshine), but in general we should repaint each 5 years for the parts using iron (a lot of houses using iron rather than aluminum for kirijo, veranda, or surface lattice) and part of wood (in many cases using the wood rather than aluminum for door pocket or gable plate), and 8-10 yearsfor the outer wall.


It is recommended to repaint right after cracks on the outer wall, cracks in the caulking appear.


If you leave it without any handing, it will cost a lot of money to repair damaged base and to repaint.


In particular in case of mortar wall, there is net hanging the mortar but it collapsed. Repairing the collapsed net needs plastering, but it may take lot of money.


In the case of wall siding, the rubber connecting between the siding and the siding (which is called coking) has been collapsed, then the flood comes from there, siding will be warped and the collapse of the siding will begin.


About suitable seasons for repainting


Regarding to Kanagawa Province, the repainting throughout the year is possible. However, we will get the rest during rainfall or snowfall.


Construction period is depending upon the size of the repainting construction, the used materials etc. But most of the detached house takes about 1-2 weeks in average. In case there is extension period due to the weather, the cost will not be affected.



Complaints from neighboring because of the noise and the smell


We consider environmental issues caused by smell and using almost low-smell type painting material, so you do not need to worry too much



Almost all of people understand and sympathize about the noise. However, it cannot be said that there is no complaint at all (one complaint in two years), therefore you should let the neighbor know the construction schedule in advance.


In Rinkai construction firm, we always greet your neighborhood by ourselves for sure.


Complaints from neighboring due to scattering of painting materials



Because we prepare in advance the net to prevent scattering of painting material from flying around so you don’t need to worry about it.


In case of any trouble, our company has joined the construction insurance ofFuji Fire and Marine Insurance.



About age of painting material


There are different kinds of painting material to use depending on the surrounding environment, but in general it is said that for the outer wall, acrylic lacquer painting material lasts 6-8 years, urethane painting material lasts 8-10 years, silicon-based painting material lasts 10-14 years, and fluorinated painting material lasts 15-20 years.


Selection of painting material


Regarding market conditions professional rarely used acrylic because it is peeled off immediately. However it is the mainstream in home center.



This is almost urethane. It is easy to process, and about half of the Japanese houses using this.


The second popular is silicon. Nowadays silicon is gradually replaced urethane. Fluorine is popular in painting of the ship, however because of high price; it isn’t common in normal houses yet.


In these four ranks, there is oil-based or water-based, one-component or two-component



The difference between oil-based or water-based is whether it is mixed with thinner or water. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. Because water-based do not use the thinner so it is hard to set a fire and smells is weak. Oil-based is shinny and retention is slightly good. If you are confused about the selection, please contact us


The difference between the one-component or two-component is the difference between being mixed at the factory or in the field. The two-component’s retention is better.



The decision for oil-based or water-based, one-component or two-component is important for large-scale construction work such as public works. For normal house, the more important thing is to paint correctly. If you are in doubt, please leave it to us


You can determine the additional effect on painting after you have decided whether fluorine or silicon or urethane or acrylic



I think that the painting manufacturer have a variety of advertising for the additive effects such as photo catalytic (remove the dirt by the power of the light) or run index coat (Ultra-endurance) or heat shield or ceramic (retention is good) or such as Hana collection (Without unpleasant smell ).


However, the results of which called added effect are not too really effective. Photo catalysts is good for south face which getting the light, but north face does not feel the effect.



Run index coat may last 20 years on siding surface and mortar surface, but does last less than 10 years for the iron part and the wood part, so after all iron part and the wood part has to be repainted at the 10th year.


About heat shield, the glass is the most important for warming in the house, then the roof and air layer under walls. It’s not the problem if you just paint the surface. Please consider only the effect of expansion because by preventing the heat to the material, the material will last longer.


It is not clear yet about whether or not the ceramic has effects. Makers have been advertised as it has certainly effect but in reality there is a part you do not know clearly.


Hana collection does not smell bad, but now almost all of manufacturer has also developed a low-odor paint so as not to bother any neighbor due to smell. However the more important thing for neighborhood is that craftsman does not make noise such as buzz-buzz.



Basically it is recommended to paint by Nippon Paint or Kansai Paint. When customers ask to repaint after 10 years by paint from those two companies, they just need to mention "Painted by ○ ○Nippon Paint" and the painting shop can understand immediately. But if you use the low share paint, the painting shop may be confused what is suitable to be painted up.


Especially because large constructors do not want to let you know input value by searching in the internet so they sell less famous paint by telling you this is "○ ○ reform original paint”. After that the painters will get in trouble because they do not know what to paint.


If you want to select long lasting useful material such as silicon, the first time cost is a little bit expensive, but the period of the repaint is stretched, so eventually it will be cheaper.


Cost of repainting will be estimated as the sum of the scaffolding + curing cost + washing + foundation repair + paint + labor costs + cleaning.


About the size, there is industry applied rate which is 1,3 or 1,5 multiplied the real area. Some companies also apply the rate such as 2, so you should be careful. My company always just apply real measured values.


Selection of colors



Although we have set the standard color, basically you can choose the color freely. However, the general people cannot recognize what color is even looking at the color swatch (It is a bit darker than it actually is). The white color that is mixed a little bit pink or yellow is popular.


The method of determining the color which brings high satisfaction is that you look at 30 houses in the neighborhood, choose the color you like best, and then decide by comparing the color of the wall shade and the color swatches.